MookiMooky, actually Kitsanarat Srikongchat, came to our school in february and since then everyday existence in our class has become much more interesting. Our new friend comes from Bangkok, Thailand and she traveled to Poland as a member of AFS organisation. Despite the distance between our countries, Mooky speaks polish quite well, and we know the basic phrases (and courses :-) ) in Thai.

Why did you decide to go to Poland? Wouldn’t you rather go to USA?

I think my English is good enough for conversation but third language is very important too. Now I can tell somebody that I know three languages. Polish language is not very common.

How did you choose your host family? Do you like them?

I didn’t  choose my host family. I just wrote an announcement about what I like, what my hobbies are and then the family chose me . I think I like them, because they take care me good and I think I’m very happy

What difference between Thailand and Poland do you like most?

I think culture is not really different. The biggest difference is religion. There are a lot of buddhists in Thailand, and in Poland most people are christians. Also, the way of thinking about relationships between young people and adults is totally different. In Thailand, when you talk to an adult, you have to use very formal language.

I’m sure you have tried some Polish food. What Polish meal tastes the best for you?

I really like żurek and pierogi, especially poznańskie pierogi. They have got duck inside.

What Thai dishes do you recommend?

Of course, Pad Thai. I think pad thai is the most known thai meal. A lot of polish people know pad thai - it’s really popular here i guess

What places in Poland do you like most?

I traveled a lot. I think my favourite places in Poland are the mountains, Kraków, Zakopane, because of their beautiful, old architecture. I also like Warsaw modern buildings.

Can you recommend some interesting places in Thailand?

There are many interesting places in the south of Thailand. There are many beaches, where you can swim, dive, sun bath and sea where there are also many beautiful islands. Everything is so lovely out there. Most of tourist prefer to go to sea.

What do you think about our School? Are you okay with no school bell?

I like this school, because there aren’t many people there. You can meet people easier in such a small community. Sometimes I feel confused, because there’s no school bell and I don’t know what time it is. But it’s okay, it’s not a big deal.

What differences do you see between Polish schools and Thai schools?

They are quite different. In Thailand lessons last sixty minutes. I need to go to school around 20 minutes before classes and I need to do some activities like singing a national anthem. Then we have 2 classes, fifteen minute break, then again 2 hours of lessons. After that we have one hour lunch break. The lessons finish at 4 p.m., but later on we have after-school classes like sports clubs, music clubs. Usually I come back home around 5 p.m. The next day I have to wake up at 5 a.m.

Do you have a lot of homework?

The more important is being creative. There’s not much normal homework, but there are many big projects that need to use some creative

What do you want to achieve while attending classes in our school? What do you expect from the student exchange?

I expect making friends, talking or something because the main target of student exchange is knowing different culture. I also want to study Polish language. It’s nice that I do a lot of activities which I didn’t do in Thailand.

I know you’re keen on architecture. Do you think your future job will be connected with architecture?

I hope! I would like to be an interior designer.

How was your journey to Poland? Did you suffer from ‘jetlag’?

The trip from Thailand to Poland lasts 12 hours. My journey wasn’t direct to Poland. First, I flew to Austria for 10 hours, then was waiting for 6 hours, and after that I took an one hour flight to Kraków. I didn’t feel jetlag. I reached my home in Poznań at midnight, I went to sleep, woke up at 8 a.m and I wasn’t tired at all.

Where did you learn how to make those amazing massages?

(laugh) I have never learnt how to massage at all. I simply do it with my mum. My mum sounds like “Mook, can you do it for me?” and then she corrects me and shows how to do it. My hands simply do it. I don’t know, is it amazing? I think almost everyone in Thailand can do it.

What are 3 things that you will remember forever from here?

It’s not an easy question. I think, that I will always remember my Polish friends and relationship with my host family. I think, that I will take a lot of experiences from here with me when I’m back in Thailand. The third thing is food! I will always have Polish food in my memory. I’m going to try doing some Polish food in Thailand.

Do you find Polish language difficult?

I think, it’s not that difficult. But  Grammar is really hard! I don’t understand why you need to inflect every single word! Saying date and time is also really tough.

Thank you for the interview!


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